Our core values

There’re exciting features such as Fun Activities, Poems, Know the Scriptures, Bible Fun Facts, and lots more.
“Bring up a child in the way he should go… when he grows, he will never depart from it.” This is our core responsibility.
We are the builders of tomorrow’s leaders. Changing and impacting lives with the Word of God is our calling.
Kiddies LoveWorld TV is reaching every child in every home in every city. It’s New! It’s Exciting!! It’s life transforming!!!

Kiddies Activities

Play exciting, and uplifting Christian games.
Download free songs, videos, eBook & other lovely materials.
Get to the more about the different stories in the Bible.
Get the Word & live the Word. What is the Word for today?
Watch inspiring animations & other interesting arts...
Let's have fun with some crafts. Also, download your JCMC Worksheet!

Parents' Blogs

May 27, 2017  – Nigeria

Global Children's Day Celebrations - 2017

"I Know Who I Am"

Children can live victoriously everyday once they know what they’ve got on the inside of them. Help them discover who they really are in Christ with these interesting storybooks from the “I Know Who I Am Series“, and watch them grow to become who God intended them to be.

I've Got Love
I'm Different
I'm Special
I'm Smart

Kiddies LoveWorld TV
Coming Soon!!!

Our happy parents


Something big and interesting is coming your way in the Month of May, 2017. Get ready for this amazing innovation of the Kiddies LoveWorld in partnership with LoveWorld Publishing.

Expect this exiting animations on the story of Joseph & his brothers. Coming in May, 2017. Your can place your order NOW!

“Let’s Us Pray”  is a product on how to pray. Children need to be taught how to pray right and receive answers from God.


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